Other Breeds

Breeds besides paints/pintos, stock or sport horses
Here is Iron Metal Chief competing in Showmanship and Halter with Brenda.  Looks great doesn't he?  This horse is so incredibly photogenic!  IMC was a present from Dad for Chrsitmas in 1997.  Thanks Dad!  His show name is Jafar's Redemption.  I think I still have one NIB for sale!
 This is the JAH Sheltand Pony in Dappled Chestnut.  I actually saw a pony this color one summer.  It is super gorgeous.  I truly didn't even know is exsisted until that point.
 The JAH Saddlebred in Black.  Says Mare to me though I don't have a name for her yet.
 This is Serena's Sun Kist.  She is the Saddlebred yearling from the 1996 JCP's Gaited Breeds set.  I show her as a saddlebred filly and she has done very well in limited showing. 
 I show this Silverton model as Flying Iceman. He hasn't had a lot of exposure yet but I hope to get a cart and harness for him sometime.  I also have Sunny Boy that I hope to get photos of too.  There may be a couple of these guys lying around if you are interested.
St. Nicholas was the 1997 Breyer Christmas Pony.  I show him as a Shetland (without the ribbons and leg wraps of course).  Mom gave him to me for Christmas.  Thanks!
 Hearts on Fire has shown very well for me as a NSH horse Stallion.  I bought him from Shana Blumenberg in 1996.  Photo is also by Shana. He's for sale with photos on my models for sale page if you are interested.
 This little mule was part of the JAH set in 1998.  I haven't named or shown him yet, we'll see how it goes.  The photo is a little blurry.  It was 10 degrees out when I took them.
 This is the JAH Andalusian model.  I'm really sad it is so blurry.  This could have been a gorgeous photo!  No name for him yet either.
 Here's the JAH Clydesdale.  What a cutie!